The Chick Lit Book Club


Are you a reader of Chick Lit and Romantic Comedies? Do you want to find new-to-you books and have an awesome group to chat about those books with?


The Chick Lit Book Club is in its third year as a Facebook group ( and now host our discussions on Goodreads (! We’re always looking for new members and would love to have you join us!

For 2017, we have selected a range of books that we feel most will enjoy. For 2018 and beyond, suggestions will be accepted and books that qualify will be put to a vote. Discussion questions will be posted in the Goodreads group by the 20th of the same month to start the convo. Discussions are ongoing so pop in when you’ve finished that month’s book! Challenges will be posted during the “off months”. Participation is optional.

The selection criteria is simple.

  • All books will fall into the Chick Lit and Romantic Comedy realm.
  • All books will be available in multiple formats, reasonably priced, and most likely available in Kindle Unlimited.
  • All books will be standalone or “first in series”. (For those who want to continue reading a series, we will create unofficial discussions for those. Members are welcome to lead these discussions.)

THIS IS A NON SELF-PROMO GROUP! Promoting your own books, in any fashion, is not allowed. Posts will be deleted and repeat offenders removed from the group. There are plenty of other Facebook groups where you can promote your books.

We have themed days in the Facebook group!

  • Monday – Book Chat – Share the Chick Lit/Romantic Comedy book(s) that you are currently reading or are looking forward to diving into!
  • Tuesday – New Member Welcome!
  • Wednesday – Chick Flicks – What Chick Lit/Romantic Comedy movies and TV shows have you been watching?
  • Friday – Review Day – Post links to your Chick Lit/Romantic Comedy reviews from your blog, Amazon, or Goodreads! (This does not include your books. Remember…no self-promo!)
  • Every day – Talk! Are you looking for a particular Chick Lit/Romantic Comedy book but can’t remember the name? Ask! We might be able to help! Did you find a cute bookworm or reading meme? Share away!