Excerpt | Reuniting Reality by Nikki LeClair

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The soak is set for forty-five minutes. It’s in a beautiful small room with wooden walls and floors, pod lights set low and tea lights lit throughout. There’s a calming woodsy scent throughout the room, which reminds me of a sauna. The tub is Elizabethan style but wooden, with a shiny finish. The beer has already filled the tub, and there’s an brownish foam sitting above with floating multi colored petals. It’s set at just above a lukewarm temperature so I’m able to stay in it for the full thirty to forty-five minutes. There are coals in the back of the room which set off a nice steam, like a sauna.

I toss my clothes and belongings in the small change room outside the door and then hurry across the room to slip into the tub. Yet, when I put both feet into the soak, I shiver. It’s cool, borderline cold. I hear something shuffle outside the door of the soak room.


There isn’t a response.

“The soak isn’t quite warm.”

Nobody replies so I hop out. Covering my now goose-bumped chest, I scurry across the room to the change room, where I pry the door open and look out.

The small white room is empty.

I reach over for the complimentary robe that had hung on the wall, but the hook is empty. I grab at the bench where I threw my clothes, but they aren’t there.

Where is my stuff?

I enter the change room and look under the tiny bench to notice that my shoes are gone as well.

Somebody stole my stuff!

I’m naked, in a strange room.

Who the hell would take my stuff—Diana.

I hurry to the door across from me and give it a loud knock. “Hello? Is anyone there?”

After a few seconds of silence, I pound on the door with my fist. “Hello?”

I realize I have no choice but to pop the door open and poke my head out, so I grab the knob and turn it. Except it stops abruptly. I try again and nothing.

She locked me in!

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