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Excerpt | Reuniting Reality by Nikki LeClairReuniting Reality by Nikki LeClair
Published by Nikki LeClair on March 20, 2018
Genres: Chick Lit
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Starring opposite her best friend in hit reality TV show Daughter of Famous Mothers, Julie Duncan was riding high, clouded with adoring fans and cozily married to an ambitious plastic surgeon. One day, everything changed. Betrayed by not only her husband, but someone she completely trusted, Julie disappeared from that life and left it all behind.

Four years later, Julie’s life is far from brag-able. Living with her sister and scraping by doing D-list gigs, Julie is given an opportunity to fix her pathetic life. The only catch? Spending a week on camera with the people who destroyed her life.

So what’s a girl to do when her back is against the wall?

✓ Create a new, improved version of herself—a version that has moved on and let go the trials of the past.

✓ Invent a hopping new social life and a hot Olympian boyfriend.

✓ Beg forgiveness from her former best friend.

Simple enough until her fake new boyfriend suddenly shows up, her former best friend gives the cold shoulder, her ex-husband is as shady as ever, and butterflies she thought had died long ago begin to flutter alive.

Will Julie be able to keep up her ruse? Or will the cameras catch something she won’t ever be able to escape?

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The soak is set for forty-five minutes. It’s in a beautiful small room with wooden walls and floors, pod lights set low and tea lights lit throughout. There’s a calming woodsy scent throughout the room, which reminds me of a sauna. The tub is Elizabethan style but wooden, with a shiny finish. The beer has already filled the tub, and there’s an brownish foam sitting above with floating multi colored petals. It’s set at just above a lukewarm temperature so I’m able to stay in it for the full thirty to forty-five minutes. There are coals in the back of the room which set off a nice steam, like a sauna.

I toss my clothes and belongings in the small change room outside the door and then hurry across the room to slip into the tub. Yet, when I put both feet into the soak, I shiver. It’s cool, borderline cold. I hear something shuffle outside the door of the soak room.


There isn’t a response.

“The soak isn’t quite warm.”

Nobody replies so I hop out. Covering my now goose-bumped chest, I scurry across the room to the change room, where I pry the door open and look out.

The small white room is empty.

I reach over for the complimentary robe that had hung on the wall, but the hook is empty. I grab at the bench where I threw my clothes, but they aren’t there.

Where is my stuff?

I enter the change room and look under the tiny bench to notice that my shoes are gone as well.

Somebody stole my stuff!

I’m naked, in a strange room.

Who the hell would take my stuff—Diana.

I hurry to the door across from me and give it a loud knock. “Hello? Is anyone there?”

After a few seconds of silence, I pound on the door with my fist. “Hello?”

I realize I have no choice but to pop the door open and poke my head out, so I grab the knob and turn it. Except it stops abruptly. I try again and nothing.

She locked me in!

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About Nikki LeClair

Nikki LeClair lives in Canada with her loving husband and their two rambunctious children. When she isn’t ordering her children to behave or begging her Border Terrier to listen to her, she sits behind her lap-top plotting out the next adventure of her new characters. She’s a fan of a good glass of Pinot Noir, and can’t live without her favorite Tea blends.

She enjoys hearing from readers and fans of her work. You can find her on twitter at @NikkiL_Books, and on her Facebook Fanpage Nikki LeClair